Kokudo Ou

Title: Kokudo Ou
Japanese Title: 黒瞳皇
Synonyms: Legend of the Black Eye
Episodes: 5
Released Date: Nov 28, 2000 till Jun 18, 2002

Follow the excitement as a young, newly crowned King is sent two beautiful princesses to choose between as his Queen. Together, they must live with him for a month and a half and continually try to win his heart… any way they can!

Note: On 25.03.2008 and 25.04.2008, Strawberry Jam re-released Kokudo Ou under the name Maid Densetsu (メイド伝説~メル&ベルの淫靡な誘い~).

Label: Five Ways
Prequel: Doura
Format: mp4

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Episode 4      
Episode 5       

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